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Model AFG Residential Oil Burner

The Model AFG oil burner retains the familiar chassis, air tubes and controls found in the popular Model AF, but has an air turbo injector and a high efficiency blower wheel for high static pressure firing under most draft conditions. The air turbo injector also channels combustion air for smoother starts. Users find the Model AFG ideal for firing positive pressure heating appliances as well as for overcoming poor draft conditions. This burner utilizes the standard F Series air tube combinations along with the M Series. These air tube combinations give the Model AFG a compact flame and peak performance.

AFG Residential Oil Burner

Model SF Residential Oil Burner

The Model SF offers fuel efficiency over a broad firing range. A  one-piece flame retention burner head assures a highly efficient flame. This clean, hot flame is virtually unaffected by poor chimney or draft conditions. Firing range is from 1.25 to 3.25 gph. Another air tube combination fires a range from 2.50 to 5.50 gph.

SF Residential Oil Burner